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Forget Regret

Or Life is Yours to Miss

22 July 1989
&about me;;

I'm finally getting around to doing this properly, after having this year for more than a year. De toute façon, East Coast girl through and through, Canadian. Not old enough to vote, too old for child priced movie tickets, and old enough to drive if I'd get off my behind and go write the test. 5'2" + a little bit, and proud of every inch. Brown hair almost half as long as I am tall, and again, proud of every inch. I haven't decided what colour my eyes are yet, some days I call them blue, and sometimes I call them grey.
French immersion student for 4 years, and this year is the first without a french/english dictionary along with me for most classes. There's still Histoire Planetaire, but I'll miss ol' Larousse anyway.
&my natural high;;

My drug doesn't come in a bottle, on a plant, or a little plastic bag. That feeling when the music starts, and the lights go up, and all the way through to the last notes are more than enough to give me more than any drug could. Musical theatre, singing, jazz, tap, ballet, modern etc.
Give me anything to do with, and I'll take it

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