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Forget Regret
Or Life is Yours to Miss
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4th-Aug-2006 04:31 pm - new york, new york
I'm leaving tonight at midnight for le family vacation. This year it will be to ol' NYC with stops on the way (we're driving) in Maine, and Rhode Island. Making the voyage with us will be our good family friends from Cape Breton, and the South Shore. 

In Gwen Stefani style I'm "hella" excited.

Try not to miss me too much this week, and I'll see you many of you bright and early on the 14th at YPco! (Cue scary music and thunder.)

Alison: Happy Sweet 16th in advance!

29th-Jul-2006 12:46 pm - Grant honours late actor
anne taintor
From the Daily News:


Grant honours late actor
Neptune Theatre has created a new scholarship in the name of David Renton, a local actor who died this May. It will be awarded to a student who is a member of the Youth Performance Company at the Neptune Theatre School. Renton was well-known for encouraging and mentoring young performers. -Staff

That's all it says, but our question is: would that scholarship pay for someone who is doing YPco, or be used for post-secondary ed by someone who is a member of YPco?
25th-Jul-2006 12:00 am - bonne fête mr. leo
Seeing as I am still the futre Mrs. Daniel Radcliffe even though I don't mention it as much as I did in the seventh grade, I would like to take this time to wish the face of the Harry Potter movies a belated Happy 17th Birthday (yesterday... the 23rd). I would also like to point out that he was born a day after I was, how COOL is that! I'm still as fanguuurly as I was when I was 12. I can't help it.

My birthday weekend was a lot of fun, it should be a good year to come. Our family friends from Cape Breton, and also from the South Shore (as a unit we named ourselves the MacClans to save the trouble of listing all three family names) gathered Friday night (again Saturday night and Sunday morning) which was a hoot. There were numerous Cape Bretoners; you can imagine. 

I won't bother to summarize Saturday though because I think most people who read this were there. Thank you for coming out, all of you, it was a wonderful time!

Rebecca Falvey: I still have your book, I'm barrelling through it this week you will have it back when I see you on Thursday (if I don't see you earlier).

Love: the irresistable desire to be irresistably desired
-Mark Twain

Isn't that nice? Like fuzzy slippers. 
20th-Jul-2006 03:09 pm - youtube
So I made a youtube account a little while ago, and finally uploaded some videos.
If you go here: http://www.youtube.com/user/Kaitin you will find a permanent home for the videos from YPco last summer, some JUMP videos, as well as some from Gumshoe and Fiddler on the Roof. Check it out!

Attention! Wizard of Oz, Saturday at 7. I'm about to send an email about it, if I don't get distracted.
13th-Jul-2006 09:59 pm - So much MTV
I've been going a little shack wacky from being cooped up in the house. I haven't really been past my yard since Sunday. I did get to walk over to Alison's house today though (which kind of made up for the last few days, it's a long walk). It was nice to see her and catch up and hear stories about New York.

I saw Samantha Wilson in Bedford today! It was down by Tim Hortons when I was walking to Alison, she and her husband, Peter were walking towards me. It was a weird sight let me tell you. Samantha in Bedford.

The Tattoo ended, it was fun. I got a picture with some of  the gymnasts. 

MEGHAN HUBLEY where are you? Are you in New York already? Did you mean next Friday? 478-7121.

Almost 17. 16 going on 17. It's not that big of a deal now, because everyone I know has already turned 17, or passed it. I still need to do something to celebrate though. Want to have a birthday party with me? We can just spend a day next week doing whatever (Probably Saturday, that's the real day). There will probably be an email once I decide. But it has to be good, I believe that if your birthday is good then the rest of your year will be too. (Or if it's bad then, yeah) It has worked that was in the past. This year has been fantastic. But think if I'm with you guys it will all work out fine.
I'm lonely now though. I want to go meet some new people, but I have nowhere to do that. Would someone like to come with me... somewhere?  I don't know, call me. I need to talk to real people. My cat is in heat.

2nd-Jul-2006 08:39 pm - Rule Brittania!
I love the Tattoo. Love it. 
The ladies in the choir with me are just lovely, lovely people. 
They call me Joy because one of them said she had a cousin who looks like me named Joy who she hadn't seen since she was little but I could be her all grown up. This lady introduces me to everyone as Joy because I'm "the joy in their life". I was also dubbed Sister Mary Kaitlyn as my nun name, because our capes make us look like nuns.

The girls my age are awesome too. We like to meet people from the other acts. Before the end of the week I want to meet some of the gymnasts. The male gymnasts.

I've been on a bit of a lucky streak again though. Made my parents proud with my report card; high honours and the drama 11 award  thank you very much Mrs. Dompierre. But now what I get from mom is "well if you don't want to be an orthodontist at least be a dentist." Probably the most boring job. If I decide to do that please someone just shoot me.
Of course my brother stole my thunder when we went to pick him up and he'd won the principal's award for grade 9. He always does that. Your little brother isn't supposed to beat you, they're supposed to be in the shadow of their older siblings. I never won a thing in jr. high.

I have my first job interview tomorrow too! At Old Navy. Very scared. I had a dream that it was kind of like an audition where there are cuts and the group gets smaller and smaller and you have to do all the tasks like in fear factor, but not scary. The guy's name is Sid. But he sounded nice on the phone, even though Sid isn't a very nice name.

Canada Day was a blast at Victoria's house! Sunscreeen would  have been a good idea, but it's not summer until I have my sunburn!
22nd-Jun-2006 10:29 pm - the stage is a world of entertainment
My birthday is in one month exactly.

Here's a picture post of random pictures I've taken in the last few years.

The Tattoo Runs the week of July 1st if anyone would like to come see it. I'm in the choir, and front row too so you may see me! If you buy 3 tickets you get 1 free. I'm just sayin'.

English is my last exam tomorrow. Then it's party time.
21st-Jun-2006 02:00 pm - You've been pwned math provincial!
I conquered the advanced provincial math exam. It is dead now because I killed it so badly with my mad math skills. I took care of that boss for you Mario, proceed to the next level.

I'm a statistic now. My number was 1711202. Lucky number 1711202. 
I wrote that on my hand so I wouldn't forget it. I also wrote v.pink. 
Because I thought it was funny how one question had a man named Dan who owned a Model-T car and a Vintage Pink Cadillac. Just because it had vintage pink cadillac. It's that sense of humor those math people have. That's funny right?

Drama is tomorrow. Which isn't a real exam. But I have to make a sculpture that represents me for it. I'm not complaining, I would much rather do this than a written exam. But. It's a weird choice for a drama exam. Because I've never taken art, I took drama. Maybe it's just me.

Summer starts at 9:30 tonight.
19th-Jun-2006 09:40 pm - I get a kick out of you
Nearly every time I go into the orthodontist, there is a teenage boy sitting in the dentist chair next to mine. Especially on the days when they have to use those cheek stretchy things.

The Cold War is a very boring war. And that's all I have to say about that.

The first day of summer is on Wednesday. I got my first sunburn of the year yesterday, but I'm far from complaining, yesterday was fantastic.
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